Crocs Emporium Melbourne Now Open!

The Crocs doors at Emporium Melbourne officially opened today!

We indulged Emporium shoppers with Crocs cookies and vouchers for a free pair of Crocs!

Center Manager, Steve Edgerton, has described the Emporium re-development as a “simple design; warm, understated and very Melbourne.”

We couldn’t agree more! Shopaholics, we’ll see you soon at Crocs Emporium!

Crocs Emporium

Officially Open!

cookies for customers

Yum! (They tasted like vanilla cupcakes).


So many levels….so much shopping to do!



Kickin’ Back

The Sneaker: formally seen as footwear only to be worn at the gym. Now considered a staple for perfecting sports luxe style.

Blurring the lines between functionality and style, the laid-back reputation of the sneaker has quickly seen the footwear become a staple in the sports luxe fashion trend. Stemming from the fuss-free appeal of street style, sports luxe embraces the casual and simple silhouettes of sportswear with a twist of luxury.

Think relaxed tailoring, lightweight jersey, racer-backs, sweatshirts and sneakers.

Play it cool and create a stylish yet functional look by adding a pair of Crocs sneakers to your everyday look.

Women's Retro Product Shot2

Women's Retro Product Shot

Women's Retro Product Shot4

Women's LoPro1

Women’s LoPro Suede Hi-Top Sneakers – $99.99 (more stock coming soon!)

Women's LoPro Product Pair2

Women's Lopro Product Shoot 4

Women's Lopro Product Shoot Espresso



Surprise and Delight!

We had so much FUN last night at the Highpoint Shopping Event.

The Crocs Comfort Crew was out in force delivering free pairs of shoes to Highpoint shoppers.

But this was no ordinary giveaway! Shoppers were paid a surprising visit from the Crocs monster truck only to be delighted with a free pair of shoes.

Crocs Shoes

Ready to surprise a lucky shopper with our Really Sexi Flips – $29.99

These are just some of the lucky shoppers chosen to experience the comfort, colour and fun of Crocs™ shoes!

Highpoint Shopping Event

Catch me if you can!

Highpoint Shopping Event

The Crocs monster truck doing what it does best – surprising and delighting!

Highpoint Shopping Event

Who wouldn’t want to show off a new pair of Adrina II Flats - $69.99




Highpoint, Meet Crocs

Melburnians get excited because we’ve opened our doors at Highpoint Shopping Centre!

We spent our Labour Day long weekend celebrating the store opening with live caricatures by Jason Chatfield. He drew quite a crowd (no pun intended) and judging from the smiles and laughter when a finished caricature was revealed, he definitely succeeded in getting many of you to #findyourfun with us!

Live caricature drawings in action!

Live caricature drawings in action!

Zac and Taylah with their caricatures.

Zac and Taylah with their caricatures.


Jason ‘drew’ quite a crowd!

Caricatures for the whole family!

Caricatures for the whole family!

In progress_Fotor_Collage

Crocs Comfort Crew member Jessie and Store Manager Troy.

So come and visit us on Level 2 …the splats around Highpoint Shopping Centre will help you find your way!

Highpoint Store Opening


PS - We’ve got two more store openings in the pipeline for this year – any guesses on their locations?


Meet Your Perfect Travel Companion

Is it too early in the year to be planning a cheeky travel adventure? Never! But apart from the usual suspects on the travel essentials checklist (you know – passport, luggage, spending money, phone to call mum) we tend to neglect the real necessities, like comfortable footwear!

Seriously, there is nothing worse than spending the day exploring the cobbled streets of Paris followed by a stroll through the Jardin Du Luxembourg and finally a climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower wearing shoes that have left your feet for dead (and yes, this did happen to me!)

 But this is never to happen again! Let me introduce you to your perfect travel companion – the Stretch Sole.


Made with Crocs Fit2U technology™ the Stretch Sole gives your feet the room they need to stretch and flex. The range features articulated outsole pods held together by a stretch cord, meaning the shoe stretches and flexes as you walk, while also retaining shape. The stretchable canvas uppers allows for a custom fit making them perfect for those of you like me who actually wear half sizes!

Here we go…this will explain it a little better.


stretch soles

Left: Women’s Stretch Sole Flat $89.99. Right: Men’s Stretch Sole Loafer – $99.99

But not only are the Stretch Soles incredibly comfortable, they are so flexible that you can literally fold them up in your luggage (meaning more space for more shoes!)

So get packing, I’m ready!


Passport – check. Reading material – check. Stretch Soles – check.


The Color Run Melbourne Wrap Up

It was the Grand Prix of all Color Runs yesterday at the Albert Park F1 track in Melbourne!

16,000 ‘Color Runners’ dressed in crisp white completed the ‘Happiest 5K on the planet’ only to return coated from head-to-toe in a rainbow of colours.

There was serious amounts of fun all day thanks to the Zumba dancers, African drummers, crazy mosh pit dives from The Color Run Unicorn, colour throws, and of course the Crocs ‘Dive into Comfort’ Pillow (we clocked up nearly 450 dives!)

Be sure to check our Facebook page tomorrow to vote on the top 10 dives!

The atmosphere at The Color Run was simply incredible! Everyone was high on life (despite our 4:30am wake up call). It truly is the Happiest 5k on the planet!

Melbourne, we know we helped you #findyourfun! Newcastle, you’re next!


These white t-shirts aren’t going to be white for much longer!


Colour throw in action!


‘Color Runners’ loving the Crocs thundersticks


Green is for Crocs!


The Crocs Comfort Pillow was a hit! Check out that line!


Comfort Dive in action!


Green with envy!


Fun, meet Colour!

What do you get when you mix the most FUN footwear brand there is with the Happiest 5k on the Planet?

Only the greatest experience of The Color Run you will ever have!

Crocs wants you to #findyourfun this year and we couldn’t think of a more perfect way then partnering with The Color Run – a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.

Encouraging participants, or ‘Color Runners’ of all different fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes, the 5k untimed race has five colour-blasting stations (meaning the white clothes you turned up in will end up looking like an exploded crayon-box)!



But the crazy, colourful FUN continues at the Finish Festival – a party guaranteed to get you high on life with music, dancing, colour throws and this year the FUN-O-METRE will reach unimaginable heights thanks to the Crocs ‘Dive into Comfort’ Pillow.

This year we’ll be traveling the country with the Color Run starting at Albert Park, Melbourne this Sunday 2nd March.

We’ll have prizes, we’ll have giveaways, we’ll have guaranteed FUN!

PS – follow our journey of The Color Run right here on Break The Mould!




We were RAKnominated last week by our Crocs South African colleagues.

RAK what you ask?! Challenging the viral craze NEKnominate, RAKnominate is based on performing a Random Act of Kindness to strangers within a given time period.

Check out how we responded to our RAKnomination!

Crocs Middle East you’re next!



St Kilda Festival Wrap Up

If you haven’t been to the St Kilda festival before I would definitely recommend checking it out if you get the chance. The streets were overtaken with dancers, musicians, extreme sports, market stalls, rides AND an estimated 300,000 visitors!

The Crocs ‘dive into comfort’ pillow certainly drew a crowd despite the atrocious heat, followed by gale-force winds (that’s Melbourne weather for you!). I was there with the rest of the Crocs Comfort Crew ‘manning’ the pillow. We had more than 500 comfort divers ranging from wizards to rock-stars to superheroes and fairies. Even the ‘big kids’ had their share of fun! Check out some of the snaps below.

Dive into comfort 1

Crocs Australia’s General Manager Steve (a.k.a Crocodile Dundee) set the ‘dive into comfort’ benchmark high with this dive.

Dive into comfort 2

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…….

dive into comfort 5

Tinker Bell makes an appearance.

dive into comfort 3

Talk about an ‘air guitar’!

Make sure you check our Facebook page tomorrow as we’ll be uploading the top 10 ‘dive into comfort’ photos for you to vote for your favourite dive. The winner will receive $200 worth of Crocs product and 2 tickets for The Color Run Melbourne, so if you took a dive on the comfort pillow and haven’t shared your photo yet with the hashtag #findyourfun now’s the time to do it!

For those of you who missed out on a dive….we have some exciting news coming your way so stay tuned!

Most memorable moments:  The Hare Krishna parade was pretty amazing. Dancing, drums, cymbals and singing surrounded a colourful sky-high chariot along the St Kilda foreshore.

The Zumba dancers…WOW! And they make it look so easy too!

Moments I’d rather forget: The weather! That’s two events in a row that the Melbourne weather has let us down! Third time lucky?

The roaming St Kilda seagull mascots. They definitely confirmed what a nuisance those birds can be!


Jess from the Crocs Comfort Crew encounters an unwelcome guest!