The Color Run Melbourne Wrap Up

It was the Grand Prix of all Color Runs yesterday at the Albert Park F1 track in Melbourne!

16,000 ‘Color Runners’ dressed in crisp white completed the ‘Happiest 5K on the planet’ only to return coated from head-to-toe in a rainbow of colours.

There was serious amounts of fun all day thanks to the Zumba dancers, African drummers, crazy mosh pit dives from The Color Run Unicorn, colour throws, and of course the Crocs ‘Dive into Comfort’ Pillow (we clocked up nearly 450 dives!)

Be sure to check our Facebook page tomorrow to vote on the top 10 dives!

The atmosphere at The Color Run was simply incredible! Everyone was high on life (despite our 4:30am wake up call). It truly is the Happiest 5k on the planet!

Melbourne, we know we helped you #findyourfun! Newcastle, you’re next!


These white t-shirts aren’t going to be white for much longer!


Colour throw in action!


‘Color Runners’ loving the Crocs thundersticks


Green is for Crocs!


The Crocs Comfort Pillow was a hit! Check out that line!


Comfort Dive in action!


Green with envy!


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