Surprise and Delight!

We had so much FUN last night at the Highpoint Shopping Event.

The Crocs Comfort Crew was out in force delivering free pairs of shoes to Highpoint shoppers.

But this was no ordinary giveaway! Shoppers were paid a surprising visit from the Crocs monster truck only to be delighted with a free pair of shoes.

Crocs Shoes

Ready to surprise a lucky shopper with our Really Sexi Flips – $29.99

These are just some of the lucky shoppers chosen to experience the comfort, colour and fun of Crocs™ shoes!

Highpoint Shopping Event

Catch me if you can!

Highpoint Shopping Event

The Crocs monster truck doing what it does best – surprising and delighting!

Highpoint Shopping Event

Who wouldn’t want to show off a new pair of Adrina II Flats - $69.99




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