St Kilda Festival Wrap Up

If you haven’t been to the St Kilda festival before I would definitely recommend checking it out if you get the chance. The streets were overtaken with dancers, musicians, extreme sports, market stalls, rides AND an estimated 300,000 visitors!

The Crocs ‘dive into comfort’ pillow certainly drew a crowd despite the atrocious heat, followed by gale-force winds (that’s Melbourne weather for you!). I was there with the rest of the Crocs Comfort Crew ‘manning’ the pillow. We had more than 500 comfort divers ranging from wizards to rock-stars to superheroes and fairies. Even the ‘big kids’ had their share of fun! Check out some of the snaps below.

Dive into comfort 1

Crocs Australia’s General Manager Steve (a.k.a Crocodile Dundee) set the ‘dive into comfort’ benchmark high with this dive.

Dive into comfort 2

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…….

dive into comfort 5

Tinker Bell makes an appearance.

dive into comfort 3

Talk about an ‘air guitar’!

Make sure you check our Facebook page tomorrow as we’ll be uploading the top 10 ‘dive into comfort’ photos for you to vote for your favourite dive. The winner will receive $200 worth of Crocs product and 2 tickets for The Color Run Melbourne, so if you took a dive on the comfort pillow and haven’t shared your photo yet with the hashtag #findyourfun now’s the time to do it!

For those of you who missed out on a dive….we have some exciting news coming your way so stay tuned!

Most memorable moments:  The Hare Krishna parade was pretty amazing. Dancing, drums, cymbals and singing surrounded a colourful sky-high chariot along the St Kilda foreshore.

The Zumba dancers…WOW! And they make it look so easy too!

Moments I’d rather forget: The weather! That’s two events in a row that the Melbourne weather has let us down! Third time lucky?

The roaming St Kilda seagull mascots. They definitely confirmed what a nuisance those birds can be!


Jess from the Crocs Comfort Crew encounters an unwelcome guest!


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