Meet Your Perfect Travel Companion

Is it too early in the year to be planning a cheeky travel adventure? Never! But apart from the usual suspects on the travel essentials checklist (you know – passport, luggage, spending money, phone to call mum) we tend to neglect the real necessities, like comfortable footwear!

Seriously, there is nothing worse than spending the day exploring the cobbled streets of Paris followed by a stroll through the Jardin Du Luxembourg and finally a climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower wearing shoes that have left your feet for dead (and yes, this did happen to me!)

 But this is never to happen again! Let me introduce you to your perfect travel companion – the Stretch Sole.


Made with Crocs Fit2U technology™ the Stretch Sole gives your feet the room they need to stretch and flex. The range features articulated outsole pods held together by a stretch cord, meaning the shoe stretches and flexes as you walk, while also retaining shape. The stretchable canvas uppers allows for a custom fit making them perfect for those of you like me who actually wear half sizes!

Here we go…this will explain it a little better.


stretch soles

Left: Women’s Stretch Sole Flat $89.99. Right: Men’s Stretch Sole Loafer – $99.99

But not only are the Stretch Soles incredibly comfortable, they are so flexible that you can literally fold them up in your luggage (meaning more space for more shoes!)

So get packing, I’m ready!


Passport – check. Reading material – check. Stretch Soles – check.


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