Have you met Colorlite™?

Just when you thought Crocs couldn’t get any better, we’ve reinvented comfort with a new revolutionary material – Colorlite™.

Inspired by the paper folding art of origami, the Colorlite™ collection is so innovative, it’s constructed from just one piece of our Croslite™ material! Yep, you read that correctly – a single sheet is flattened and folded into a shoe! It doesn’t get any more revolutionary than that!

Origami anyone? Colorlite™ construction in action.

ColorLite™ material is an even softer, lighter, more colourful way to get Crocs comfort. It’s a Crocs kind of leather that you won’t find anywhere else! As amazed as we are with this new technology? Find out more here!

Check out the handcrafted Colorlite™ range in-store and online now! Available in a women’s loafer and ballet flat as well as a men’s loafer.

You won’t believe they’re Crocs!


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